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Pan Alliance

Lufthansa City Center

Telephone: +507 264 / 6395
+507 264 / 6358

Avenida Balboa, Edificio PH Galerias Balboa,
0816-04069 Panama City

The Panamanian community and local tourism

By sterilizing street dogs and cats in Panama without owners, we are helping to stop the cycle.

With an organization called “Fundacion San Francisco de Asis” we made a donation of $1250 USD for the sterilization of 50 dogs/cats in rural areas which included the bus and all medical supplies.

This organization like many others work with the help of volunteers and donations, they travel to rural areas where people who do not have how to bring their pet to sterilize or pay for it.

Thanks to this organization, not only pets are sterilized, but people are educated about the need for sterilization and why it helps their community. The sterilization has grown in Panama that people now rescue animals from the street to be sterilized and later many of these animals without a home find one.



Inspiration for the Project

Ginger, a beautiful cat that was rescued 18 years ago in the Panamanian streets, showed her appreciation with love and affection; she became a friend and part of a family.

Not only was Ginger the only inspiration, at Pan Alliance we are all animal lovers and have our own rescue stories, below you can see pictures of our staff with their furry companions.

We intend to do this an annual thing, if you would like to join us in our next sterilization or would like to make a donation please contact us for further information.